Our Mission

Our goal is to provide thoughtful, relevant, and honest information about batteries. We help you avoid buying expensive products, as well as keep your vehicle and its battery in tip-top condition for years. With the proper guidance, we believe that anyone can do it.

At BatteryTrend, we value honesty & professionalism. We test out every product to see how well they work so you don’t have to. We outline exactly how to perform repairs because we’ve done them before. Instead of paying someone to fix your car, we’ll guide you on how to do it yourself. We always take the time to ensure that every technical detail and information in our articles is correct and helpful.

Who are we?

Tim Miller

BatteryTrend’s founder and chief editor. A passionate car mechanic with 18 years of experience from Denver, Colorado.

Tim created BatteryTrend in late 2019 with one purpose in mind: To share his 20 years of experience as an auto mechanic and help everyone with their car & battery problems.


Jason Douglas

Auto mechanic. Car Blogger.
Proud father and loving husband.

His words are simple and effective, just like his work.

Whatever the job is, Jason is your handyman.


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